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Macadamia is a species of tree indigenous to Australia. Producing the macadamia nut or volcanic beans, it is one of the world’s best quality edible fruit. Also well-known as ‘the queen of dried fruit’ or ‘king of the nuts’.

The Macadamia nut has is nutritional extremely rich, tasting sweet and delicious. The pericarp is turquoise while the endocarp is hard and brownish. Weighting about 15 grams, it contains up to 60 ~ 80% oil, 9% protein, and eight kinds of essential amino acids and is rich in trace elements like calcium, phosphorus, iron, Vitamin B1, B2. The Macadamia nuts benefits not only show in nutritional value, but also in regulating blood fat, it is a nourishing food suitable for seniors or overweight people.

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